Who We Are

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Our mission is to make the simplest portable food products with the smallest impact, to bring good energy to all people, and to use business to serve Planet Earth.


Our vision is to build a sustainable, ethically and environmentally centered, company that nourishes people as they move across our planet. This is why we are a Next Generation Nutrition™ company, committed to Long Term Health - for humans and for the planet™.



MUIR started with a bold idea, and audacious thinking is how we improve, evolve and innovate. We continually seek the cleanest, simplest, and lowest impact, solutions for everything that we do.


Quality isn’t an option, customers demand it. To maintain our edge, we must be 100% committed to using the best ingredients to make the best products, writing the best copy to deliver the greatest value to our customers, creating the best functional designs to please the eye and for maximum effectiveness, and providing the best service to continually delight our customers.


Our unwavering commitment to simplicity - from products to communication to design to service - is a powerfully refreshing antidote to the increasingly complex world of our customers.


We are 100% committed to doing the right thing, we do not cut corners, we assume positive intent in others, we speak plainly with each other and our customers, and we act quickly to “make it right” when we err.


We recognize that the most effective way to achieve long term sustainable growth is through community building, one customer at a time.

Born in the High Sierra
Handmade in San Diego, CA


Ian Muir McNally

Founder & CEO

Christopher Simpson

Operations Manager

Kandice Sinclair

Production Lead

Jennifer Koong

Marketing Lead